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As I start to write this blog, one thought that comes to my mind is a Sanskrit slogan ‘Yogakshemam Vahamyaham’ which literally translates to ‘Your welfare is our responsibility’.

We are living in an era where ‘Cancer’ is one of leading causes of death worldwide. It is not just a deadly disease but very traumatic for the patients and caretakers too. What is it that makes cancer terrifying and why there is so much fuss about cancer when there are equally deadly diseases’ prevalent in the world? It is merely because no two cancer conditions are same and even in the same patient, nature of the disease keeps changing. Hence, treating cancer patients is like a moving bull’s eye and the success rate of cancer treatment is a mystery.

Although people are aware of therapies available in market, whether these medications would really work on a particular patient is uncertain. As a matter of fact, even physicians’ solely cannot ensure right prediction of the best workable drug for a given patient, purely because they need to understand the genetic autograph of patients. Therefore, a strategic approach to comprehend the success rate of cancer medication is ‘need of the hour’. One such unique strategy is personalized therapy, a promising therapy to look up to in future.
Personalized medicine is something like going to a tailor and getting a fabric stitched that fits you the best as per your measurements. Precisely, it is a planned and calculated approach where a patient’s genomics will be well studied and proposition of medicine is tailor made to best suit the patient based on his/her genetic information. These custom-made therapies aim at the nearly accurate target to which patients respond the best. And the finest part of the solutions is that they are intended with logical explanations as to why a suggested medicine should work in a particular patient. With such an approach, a good success rate of cancer therapy would be ensured and worth it for patients’ to spend on the treatment.
Lastly, I would like to end my blog with the same thought as I began ‘Yogakshemam Vahamyaham’ which indeed personalized medicine is all about and there are few companies worldwide striving hard towards making Personalized medicine into a reality in the near future.


7 thoughts on “#Personalizedmedicine #Cancer

  1. It’s simply amazing… Just a simple write up can give in the message to everyone about cancer and how different it is from all the other diseases…
    Working in the same field it mostly becomes difficult for me to tell what cancer therapy is all about. Must say beautifully penned.


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